Conferinţa anuală a European Association for Banking and Financial History E.V. (EABH)

Tema principală: "Public Policies & the Direction of Financial Flows", 7-9 iunie 2012, Bucureşti

Seminar: Archives and the People Recording Working Life in Financial Institutions

7 iunie 2012

  • Cuvânt de deschidere/ Introducere
    • Iuliu Iacobescu (BNR)
    • Manfred Pohl (EABH)
    • Melanie Aspey (Arhiva Rothschild)

  • Sesiunea 1 - "The Archivist as Administrator of Old Records - Pure History of the Employees' Lives"
    • František Chudjak (Arhiva Băncii Naţionale a Slovaciei) - Splendour and Miseries of the Slovak Bank Official in the First Half of the 20th Century
    • Jakub Kunert, Helena Sedlackova (Banca Naţională a Cehiei) - Archival Sources to the History of Bank Officials in the Archives of the Czech National Bank
    • Francesca Pino (Intesa Sanpaolo) - Professional and Social Banking Communities in Milan, 1823-1926, Through the Personnel Files of Intesa Sanpaolo Group Archives
    • Sesiune întrebări şi răspunsuri

    • Moderator: Jakub Kunert (Banca Naţională a Cehiei)

  • Sesiunea 2 - "The Archivist as Initiator of New Records - Oral History (and what it enables)"
    • Anna Rita Gresta (Banca Italiei) - Men and Women in the Documents of the Bank Of Italy: The Other Story of Financial Institutions
    • Clara Harrow (Arhiva Baring) - Living History: Engaging with the Past at the Baring Archive
    • Sesiune întrebări şi răspunsuri

    • Moderator: Roger Nougaret (BNP Paribas)

  • Concluzii: Laure Quennouëlle-Corre (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) - What is Best Practice in Oral History Archives? - Some Advice from Experience

  • Ceremonia de acordare a premiilor

Notă: Prezentările participanţilor sunt disponibile pe site-ul EABH .

Conferinţă: Public Policies & the Direction of Financial Flows

8 iunie 2012

  • Discurs de deschidere, John Bonin (Universitatea Wesleyan) - Two Decades of Foreign Banking in Emerging Europe: The Devil is in the Details

  • Discurs de deschidere (numai în limba engleză), Mugur Isărescu (guvernatorul BNR)
  • Dezbaterea "Managing Transition"
    • Mugur Isărescu (guvernatorul BNR) - Politica monetară în perioada tranziţiei. Gestionarea modificărilor de paradigmă
    • Vladimir Tomsik (Banca Naţională a Cehiei) - Czech Transformation - Key Lessons for Today
    • Arielle de Rothschild (Rothschild & Cie)
    • Guy Poupet (BRD - Groupe Société Générale)
    • Gianni Toniolo (Universitatea Duke)

    • Moderator: Peter Hertner (Universitatea Martin Luther, Halle Wittenberg)

  • Sesiunea 1 - "Planning and Markets"
    • Laure Quennouëlle-Corre (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) - Managing the Transition from Command To Market Economy: The French Financing and Credit Allocation in the 1970's and 1980's
    • Alfredo Gigliobianco, Federico Barbiellini Amidei, Claire Giordano (Banca Italiei) - Credit Policy and Economic Development in Post World War II Italy
    • Nathan Marcus (European University Institute) - Financial Flows and the Austrian Reconstruction Following World War I
    • Sesiune întrebări şi răspunsuri

    • Moderator: Bogdan Murgescu (Universitatea Bucureşti)

  • Sesiunea 2 - "International Finance and Institutions"
    • Ileana Racianu (Universitatea din Geneva) - Romanian Politics and the Issue of the Romanain International Loan in Late 1920's
    • Matteo Gomellini (Banca Italiei) - Financing the Development of Italy's Mezzogiorno After World War II: The Role of the European Investment Bank
    • Neil Forbes (Universitatea Coventry) - International Finance and the Reconstruction of Hungary 1918-1939
    • Sesiune întrebări şi răspunsuri

    • Moderator: Alfredo Gigliobianco (Banca Italiei)

9 iunie 2012

  • Sesiunea 3 - "Domestic Finance and Institutions"
    • Ashok Kumar Kapoor (Banca de stat a Indiei) - Financial Flow To the Agricultural Sector (1935-1954): As Reflected from the Archival Records of the Reserve Bank of India
    • Joke Mooij (Rabobank Olanda) - Government and the Rise of Cooperative Agricultural Banks in the Netherlands
    • Katharina Gärtner (Free University Berlin) - White Picket Finance: The Remaking of the U.S. Mortgage Market, 1932-1960
    • Marius-Constantin Apostoaie (Universitatea din Iaşi) - The Interest Rates Pass-Through from Policy Rates to Interbank Interest Rates in the Romanian Financial System
    • Sesiune întrebări şi răspunsuri

    • Moderator: Niels-Viggo Haueter (Swiss Re)

  • Discuţie masă rotundă - "Banking and Insurance Risk in Transition"
    • John Bonin (Universitatea Wesleyan)
    • Emil Vonvea (Garanti Bank România)
    • Cornel Theodor Stănescu (Marfin Bank România)

    • Moderator: Harold James (Universitatea Princeton)

  • Concluzii: Hubert Bonin (Institutul de studii politice din Bordeaux)